Monday, July 18, 2011

Caseville a whole different world. Makes travelling in Third World countries seem sane and plausible. Take grocery shopping...prices are three times what could be expected. Asparagus can, and often is more than $3.99 per one pound bunch. Did I mention that these fruit and veggies which are outrageously priced are also grown here locally? And then, the store (only one grocery store in town with the next closest 7 miles away) never has more than one check out line open even if there are twenty people waiting. Now, the best is when one gets behind a woman, as I did yesterday, who had over $100 worth of groceries and she waited til the total appeared on the screen to begin looking for her charge card. She couldn't find it...only has one, apparently, and then, couldn't find her checkbook. Of course, there is no way she would have that much the digging continued. Finally, the clerk, probably against all customer service protocols, indicated that some people plan ahead and have their method of payment ready to go so they don't hold up the rest of the customers. Had to laugh...imagine someone saying that at your grocery store!

We visit the local store and then, drive to Pigeon to purchase whatever we don't have or whatever is of a lesser price. These stores compete so it is always fun to look at the flyers each week...something I NEVER do in Florida.

The good news is, Richard has been catching a bunch of Walleye so we are feasting on fish which is not only less expensive, to quote him, but also much healthier for us. Now, if one calculates the cost of the gas to run the boat to catch the fish, I am thinking each pound costs about $20. He doesn't see it that way, though.

And in Caseville, the post office, besides being a place where you can fall and hurt yourself badly is also a place where one has to calculate when to visit to collect one's mail. Richard went today to mail some things and collect our mail, only to realize the PO was closed...they shut the window down during lunch, early on Fridays, late on Mondays and who knows when else.

Generally, the daily irritations get to me while up here but I must be acclimating to the city (Caseville was a township but has been elevated to city status!) which is scary. I just laugh and continue on my way. Am I settling or just getting old?

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