Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happenings with the sisters....

We went to the pool, gym and hot tub yesterday and when we got back to our suite, the door was standing wide open. We carefully checked everything and nothing was missing but, just who opened the door or how did it open? We were the condo and discussing this and how awful it could have been if someone took our purses, the computers and our possessions when the door popped open again after the cleaning woman next door slammed the door. We quickly called security and they came to check our door...after some putzing with the locking mechanism and much slamming of doors, the guys declared the situation, "fixed." Now, we leave the condo and slam against the door and check to see that it is latched well. We were very lucky.

While travelling to Gatlinburg to visit the arts and crafts community there which covers about 8 miles of shops and strip malls, we passed a drive through wedding chapel, only one of many hundreds here in the area. Drive through everything works here apparently and having not visited the area, I am amazed and dazed at all there is to do IF one has tons o money. There are theatrical shows, magic stores and shows, outdoor parks, indoor parks, putt putt, parks, hiking, pools, zip lining and much much more.

While at the craft stores, I was sorely tempted to take a photo of a government vehicle whose license plates clearly state...for government use only. The driver, his mate and two children dressed in shorts left an arts store with packages in arms. Hmmm...government work? Our tax dollars were certainly being spent.

Last night, we put the Biggest Loser DVD in and did our exercising in the living room. Felt badly for the folks below us because this hopping, jumping and sweating occured at 9:30 p.m. Had fun and laughed a lot. Going to do this again this morning...very cloudy and overcast this morning. Hoping the sun will peak out.

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