Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sisters' week...the first couple of days

No photos to share because Sheryl's computer doesn't have a place for me to insert my camera card. Sad...but they will be forthcoming. And for fun and grins, one MUST see the photos of us dancing to the belly dancing DVD which Sheryl brought and which we are enjoying with our dingle dangly belly dancing belts she purchased for us. I have a royal blue one with lots of coins and shiny discs attached...a sight to behold. Belly dancing happened this afternoon after we had shopped at the outlet mall and hit the gym, the hot tub and the pool for much needed exercise.

We left on Friday from Cyn's house in Danville, Ky only to find that Linda did not have her charge card. We emptied her purse, looked everywhere, including in the washer and dryer, under the seats, in the chairs and she was getting more and more frantic but we were meeting Sheryl in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee at noon, so off we went. We stopped for gas and she paid cash because the lost card was her ONLY card and she didn't want us to pay. Next stop was a potty stop and Lynn was still worrying. She opened her purse and said, "I wish it would just pop up." And in front of her, she found her missing charge card. Her disposition improved immediately. Sheryl thought that losing her card would, "irritate the fur off of her." Now, this may be a southern phrase often used in Georgia, but we hadn't heard it before and we died laughing.

We three did rendezvous at the Wyndham resorts with Sheryl and we went to lunch at the Olive Garden where we were served by a charming 30 year old who looked 16 and whose last name was "Sweet." So, I couldn't resist and called him, "sweet thing" which he thought quite amusing in an old lady kind of way. He was Mr. Personality personified and also a great server. Had good food, good service and many laughs. We were laughing so hard at one point that we mentioned to the folks across from us that we were not drinking and had not been...we were just having fun. Sceptical looks were thrown our way.

My sister, Linda had us howling...she had her mammogram which is NOT a laughing matter BUT she was told that she has no glandular tissue in her boobs which means they are 100% fat. She isn't going to have breast cancer...which is great news.

In the evening last night we went to see a Kenny Rogers impersonator named Mark Hinds and while the show wasn't a top rated experience, it cost $7 and was held here at the resort. He hadn't checked his equipment before the show so we had a bit of a delay but all in all, we had fun.

Tomorrow, we are going to stop by the Hilltop Winery, which is a big building with NO grape vines and no processing plant to see if they have any shirts with their slogan for purchase. Think of this on fairly largely endowed women: "Pick me, squeeze me, make me wine." Should be good for a laugh or two...right??

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