Friday, June 10, 2011

Returning to school: the retirement plan

The last thing one would expect is that I would consider returning to school to renew my certification and attempt to get certified in Spanish. And the hoops one has to jump through are truly amazing. Signed up also to substitute teach which should be somewhat of a no-brainer but is taking an act of God to accomplish. One must take several training modules re: HIV; blood born pathogens and gory topics like that. And for the first time ever, I must be finger printed before the orientation which will happen two months from now and about six counties away from where our home is.

Now, had I finished my Ph.D, I could possibly figure out just how to manage the subpass website so I could complete everything I need to have done before orientation in August. As I have been checking websites, I am reminded that often websites are created by geeks and not checked by people in focus groups or tried out by the marketing team. I visited the Michigan Education Association website and when I found the same button on 13 pages, I gave up and called. Not clear what button to click on to get to the page or form required. Again...had I just finished my Ph.D what I might be able to achieve.

Now, I will be attending Saginaw Valley State University and I must take a CLEP exam: that is CLEP not CLAP! That will allow me to waive out of some Spanish classes, assuming I pass it. I thought I had taken Spanish at MSU eons ago but instead, had taken German and French. So, no coursework in Spanish since about 1966. The Spanish department head, when she heard that asked, "are you a native Spanish speaker?" Now, all of my friends who are native Spanish speakers know how silly of a question THAT is.

I am going to try to get back to writing regularly. My life here in the US is sooo boring to me compared to the many adventures I have been blessed to have had around the world. We shall see what interesting I can drum up to share.

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