Saturday, November 20, 2010


Can't believe I havent' written in a month...trying to figure out what I have been doing. A lot of nothing, mostly. I have been volunteering for Hospice and enjoying that very much...finding I am not going to the nursing homes. I miss taking Chica with me...folks really could care less if I visit or talk with them, but with Chica in hand, smiles are immediate and even those with dementia enjoy snuggling and hugging her. Miss my doggies.

I have also had to adjust to living alone which I have decided to accept (no other choice) but I do not like it at all. Not liking going to bed alone and definitely hate coming into the house with no doggie at the door to greet me with unconditional love.

Spending about six hours per week in various Spanish classes and enjoying that quite a bit. Wishing that all the students were really at the "advanced" level so the class would move along more quickly but the other adults in the class come from diverse walks of life and that adds to the interest. Beginning to get comfortable with the Spanish again and have had several Hospice pick ups/sitting assignments in Spanish speaking homes so have had real life practice again.

Made plans to take McKenzie, Logan and Addison to Guatemala in February for about 9 days, of which five will be spent in language classes for about 5 hours per day. We will stay with host families and hopefully Mt. Picaya will be erupting or threatening to erupt so the kids can climb their first volcano. Lots to see and hoping to take in some ruins, churches, good food and take in some cultural events, including some outdoor dancing and music. The kids will love it. The Reicken Foundation has a library, I was told with some books newly written in the Mayan language, which we will try to see while there. Have to get in touch with Paul Guggenheim and set that up.

I am taking Stanley with me to Yemen...I think he will get new clothing and most likely will be renamed "Abdulkareem" which seems appropriate. Can't wait to share Yemen with the classroom of kids in Alabama and I am also to call in on Skype to Addison's classroom. This reminds me I need to get that set up with the teacher...don't know her/his name, email or Skype name. What did we do for communication before Facebook, Twitter, email and PC Call and Skype?

Photos coming...since I haven't been travelling, I haven't taken many but I did get a few birds the other day and will post them soon.

hugs to you all

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