Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting ready to launch...trivia

I may have mentioned over time that we are very close with our neighbors...the evidence is right here! Bud, in the camo is a marine who will shortly be stationed in Georgia, way closer to home and his very best buddy, Wayne, who appears to be slipping Bud the tongue. He isn't really...just hamming it up. Miss these young men and miss seeing Alex with these two.

Went to Bradenton yesterday to visit Irma, a former Gannett colleague and a friend of several years. We had a great lunch and she even took me to Aldi's...yes, they are starting to move into Florida and I am praying they soon come to Ft. Myers to give Publix some much needed competition.

In Bradenton, there had been a sand carving contest and this huge recycling piece was just spectacular. The event was long over...very few people on the beach so we were able to get up close and personal with the art.

Getting old is really a bitch. All of a sudden you realize that you put the same photo on your blog twice in as many days. Sorry about that. Was thinking today as I get ready to leave that I often find myself thinking I need a know, they add so much to one's life. Today, for example, I really needed my back scratched, right in that "not possible to reach" part of your back. The solution? Use a plastic long spoon and then quickly wash it while groaning at how yucky that was to use a spoon! And I always have to change my jewelry when I travel...from gold to silver. Less flashy and where I visit, this is a good thing. However, my gold bracelet doesn't catch or release one issue. Solution? Borrow a man! So, needed a man but got over it.

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