Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nothing special...just life

I went out walking the other morning and this group of birds was marching straight down our the time I retrieved my camera, they were under the neighbor's orange tree pecking away. Another wonderful morning in Florida.
Annie sent this photo of David, Alex's uncle and Alex. I suggested the kid needed a shave and he said it is "No shave November." He will shave on 1 December....guess when in the wilderness, one behaves like he is in the wild. Annie and David hosted a huge dinner and Alex went, making a corn souffle as his contribution.

Now, these guys are not so special. We have these huge vultures that sun themselves every morning atop our home and our neighbors' houses. Near the canal, they watch for food and they scritch as they move across our roof...a bit spooky at 6 a.m. if one isn't expecting noise up there.
Today, while walking, I met Jer, not Jerry, Jer. He was having a "moment" and was lying next to the sidewalk, almost hidden under the bushes. These "moments" make him fall and sometimes, he passes out...he thought he had done that today. But, it is Saturday and most everyone walks M-F, so Jer was happy to see someone walking by the golf course. I helped him up and to his house...he didn't want me to call 911 but said he thought he might call his daughter to come sit with him. He was shaking badly and very unsteady...does anyone else have weird happenings while doing the mundane? Poor guy...wife died a few years ago and his dog died last year. He asked me to look for him another day...I wondered, "Where exactly should I look for him next? In the mangroves?" Hoping the old guy is OK.
Had a gift card with $5 left on it after shopping...gave the $5 to the sales clerk and she grinned from ear to ear. With her discount, she can buy a nice gift for her daughter. How do people pay for someone's groceries who is in line behind them? I am liking the pay it forward concept quite a bit.
Today was a bit tedious...starting to pack for Yemen. Thankfully, I looked again at their weather...all of a sudden 68F as a high and 32 as the low. Not like I can layer and take clothing off because I need to be covered up. Hassan said he would take me to see some sites of interest in Sana'a. Can't wait.

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