Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Luna is our newest addition to our family. She is a chorki, part Chihuahua and part Yorkie, weighs less than five pounds and is staying with Heidi until I return to Michigan over Christmas. This "joint custody" arrangement may be a serious mistake because as I listen to Heidi tell Luna stories, I am realizing she is becoming very attached. My grandaughter, Kenz and I saw Luna at a pet store at the mall and we went home thinking of buying her. We thought about it all night and the next morning, the whole family trucked to the mall, with Heidi accompanying us in her wheelchair. We fell in love and bought her and the rest is history. Richard will meet Luna this weekend when he takes Luna and Guinness, Heidi and Chris' dog up to the cottage to join Paco and Chica. Four dogs, two of which will meet Luna for the first time. Hoping Richard falls in love with her also.
Got home and the air conditioner upstairs wouldn't work and the hurricane shutters were still on so I couldn't open the windows. Slept in Alex's bed the first night and asked the neighbor young men to help get the shutters off. They did that...and the air conditioner began working. But, I hear we will have 60ish type weather at night this weekend so will be able to open my windows, after all. The BEST is that there is sunlight upstairs now. Love it.

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