Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have been extraordinarily delinquent with my blog and I apologize. Friends and family are asking if I am "OK" because I am not writing. So, here I am. As I left Michigan, I dropped down to visit all of my sisters. Here are two of the ladies with Lynn sitting to the right of me, and Cyn next to her. My sister, Sheryl, I saw in Georgia and didn't get a shot of her. What is scary is that we three look like our mother. NOT pretty.
The trip from Michigan to Florida took me the greater part of four days but I had time to see Cyn's home, see family, enjoy getting to know my niece and nephew in Atlanta a bit better and it was a rather enjoyable and relaxing drive. I am missing my doggies a lot and oft times, even missing Richard.

Worrying about Heidi but she and her husband are shortly off to the Mayo Clinic again and I am catching up on all of my medical appointments that I have put off for the past six months. Being checked from stem to stern and every orifice in between! Had enough shots for two people and am about ready to head off to Yemen in a month.

For doggy company, I am going next door. Our neighbor's son is back from Afghanistan and they are spending some quality family time at the beach so I am able to give dog snuggles next door.
I had a chance to go to Cumberland Falls with my sister, Lynn and her husband, Ned and the falls are gorgeous. We were able to see several rainbows and it was a very nice day indeed.
Here is a closer photo...if this blog looks weird, it is because I am using Picasa so that my photos upload. Seems with my new camera, which replaced the stolen one in Rwanda, the photos are ginormous, so Picasa makes them smaller somehow and has a blogger feature so I can direct connect. IF this is ugly...will go back to the old way.
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