Friday, August 31, 2012

Wandering in Costa Rica

We ended our week long trip with a last day's stay in San Jose. We, however, had the special opportunity to stay with my friend, Bill, who is pictured here on the right. Bill has a place on the coast, in a small community not too far from Jaco, with picture perfect ocean views. Here are Frank and Kattia on the far left, and they take care of Bill's home for him while he is working in Honduras where I met him originally a few years ago. Kenz, sitting next to Bill, met Bill last year in Guatemala where he also has work responsibilities. Bill joined Logan, Addison, Kenz and me on our last year's grandma trip in Chichicastenango. Kenz is wondering which country we will next encounter Bill? Has to be Spanish speaking because his command of the language is native...he sounds like a Tico...what Costa Ricans are called! 
 This is Bill's home snuggled amongst some gorgeous palm trees. The hut above is where we ate breakfast in the morning and listened to the waves crashing across the path from the house.
 The gate to heaven is just below. Looking out of this gate, one sees crashing blue huge waves that are a surfer's dream and mile after mile of dark sand. Kenz and I walked the beach a bit each day and she found time to drift in the waves, do handstands on the beach and even found a horse to cavort with which found its way into Bill's backyard...much to his dismay! Big horses leave big piles of mierda!

What is extra special about Bill's place is that it is his piece of quiet on earth. And best was that we were able to have him at his home when we were there. We ate wonderful food, slept like the dead and had one outstandingly long power outtage which made for a long humid night's sleep...loved when the air kicked on around 4 a.m. Oh, and broad daylight occured every morning around 4:15 a.m. and nightfall was complete at 6:15 p.m. On the beach, with neighbors a ways away, no commercial business nearby and only the ocean across the street meant that an outtage was as all get out. We looked for flashlights and candles worry. 8 we just went to bed and looked forward to an early start to another gorgeous day.

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