Friday, August 31, 2012

Bill's Place

Our first day at Bill's when we walked the beach, there was this huge piece of driftwood which was a good landmark so we could see where we needed to return to Bill's. The tides are huge here and this piece of wood was covered just a few hours after we took this photo.
 Kenz wanted to make some picture drew this message in the sand. Pura Vida is used constantly by the Ticos and is used as a greeting, a good bye and an answer to whatever malady has occured. Water glass breaks..."pura vida!"  Weather cruddy..."pura vida!"  Bought a t-shirt and leaving the shop, "pura vida."
 A planter at Bill's which I love. He also has a big bush planted in a huge tractor or truck trailer which is a great idea. Rainy season ruins wood and the tire will last forever.
 Hard to see this guy but he is a huge toad. They come out at night and Kattia was totally afraid of them. They aren't poisonous but obnoxiously large. What I never found out is...why do they stay outside and not hop into the house which was always open. They skirted around the doors and kept away which is lovely. Imagine waking up and going to the bathroom and seeing this guy sitting next to the stool at 3 a.m.
 MTC on the piece of huge tree washed up on the beach that Kenz is seen on earlier. Next sign that we had actually seen or sat on this. Powerfull tide surges and the waves pounded continuously. Very relaxing.
 The last day Bill was with us, I yelled at him that there was a horse in the yard. He asked Kenz to shoo it away and we couldn't. Bill came out and hustled the horse out of the yard, but not before it pooped a bunch. Bill went to get ready to leave and the horse came back. It belongs to a guy nearby who has a horse tour business and this guy got loose somehow. Bill left and when we got back to the house around 2:00 p.m. this guy was back munching on the grass. The owner finally came and got him around 4 ish but the yard had a distinctly horsey smell by that time.

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