Friday, August 31, 2012

Bridges...aren't the same everywhere

I am hating how I cannot choose where these photos are placed on the page. Blogspot has changed a bit since I last posted which was three months ago. Much has happened in our lives since moving back to Michigan but I haven't felt like writing for some reason. Ah...this is about Costa Rica. Well, this is a mountainous country which means many winding, curving roads. There are many canyons and wide rivers to be crossed but, for some reason, probably cost, the bridges generally are one lane wide. Now, that wouldn't be all bad except one may round a curve to find the bridge approach is immediate. No problem unless you don't see the car on the other side of the bridge that has also just rounded a curve and mounted the bridge. We had to back up several times to avoid an accident and most folks allowed for a blinking headlight to signal..go ahead. Several shook their arms and hands in anger when they had to back up!
Kenz decided to hop out and give with a pose which the vendors in a wagon nearby enjoyed.

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