Saturday, April 20, 2013


I have NO clue why the text above is underlined...cannot seem to get it to go away. Our neighbors, Willie and Phyllis have been wonderful. Today, Phyllis and I went into Darien to the library. They were having a $1 per bag book sale and I bought two bags of books...23 in total. Yup....$2.00 and they will keep us reading for the next few weeks.

Tim hasn't crabbed before and he was a bit off put when he found that Richard was cutting open a package of chicken necks to use to bait the traps. Really...can YOU find a package of chicken necks at your grocery store? Cost: $2.15 for 1.75 pounds of chicken necks.

Tim learned to shell a crab and we will have crab cakes for dinner tomorrow. We learned that IF we crabbed off the neighbor's dock across the street, that instead of capturing stone crabs, we would find blue crabs galore. The stone crabs have to have only one claw cut off and then, they are thrown back to regenerate. Blue crabs...get the whole guy. YUM

Tim was able to see our dolphins who came to play this evening. I am a horrid photographer and couldn't catch them as they surfaced...but here are their fins. We look for these guys about 100 times a day and are so excited when they come near.  

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