Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My middle sister, Linda, has turned 60 today and she is not liking that at all. My 60th year, which we overlap by a month has been an interesting and full one. Praying she enjoys the start of this newest decade. We are becoming old farts!

I have been in Florida for several days...several more than I had planned because I somehow hurt my back. I ended up literally sitting on the toilet at 2 a.m. scared to death...there I was, not able to stand up and my cell phone was downstairs and there was no one else here at home with me. How long would it take before someone would come rescue me...asked I of myself? I figured a long long time, so crawled down and to the bed. Next morning, I called my neighbor, Deb, a Hospice nurse to see which hospital ER I should go to. She suggested Lee so did that. While there, they assured me I had not herniated anything and that good drugs and modern medicine would cure my issue...as would NO picking up kids or stuff. So, I suggested to the PA and the orthopedic doctor that I had consulted my neighbor, a nurse to see what I should do, where I should go etc. He told me I should consult only a "medical professional" which is what I thought I had done. When I have an issue, I either call my sister, Linda, a nurse or Deb, my neighbor the nurse to find out and diagnose what next. They ARE my medical professionals....how arrogant some doctors are.

So, I came down to the Florida house to get the Christmas gifts I have bought all year long from interesting countries and to pack up clothing I can wear while substitute teaching. I had NO password to get into the sub database because my digital fingerprinting I did in July, which I paid for, now had to be manually handled. Hmmm....pay for the processing only to be told the manual process will take 6-8 weeks after they check my file...NOT 6-8 weeks after I had the fingerprinting. I hate bureaucracy!!

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