Sunday, September 4, 2011

The North Star...working the cruise

This is Mike Quinn, the captain of the North Star, the boat which takes passengers to Charity Island and which I work upon, a couple of days per week. Duties? Serving drinks, cheesecake, and dinner and chatting up the clients. Love being on the water and meeting lots of interesting folks. Wishing I could spend more time improving upon the business but not my job. The owners are interesting folks and the lighthouse adjacent to their home is in need of repair but isn't their property.

We have had some incredible sunsets on the dinner cruises and one evening with very rough waters which resulted in puking customers. We had NO barf bags so I used ziplock bags which isn't the best...because when folks see puke, they also puke. We are all set for the next time, though. The cooks on the island are amazing and I have eaten the best beef tips and perch ever. Worth the trip out.
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