Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Having a great time enjoying all things Indian. Yesterday was a culinary delight...Shirley outdid herself. I had dinner plans to see some friends from The News-Press days; so, Shirley made Ragda Patties for us for lunch.  These are potato patties that are fried. The patties get put in a bowl and are covered with a chickpea sauce. This is then topped with a sweet date chutney and a tamarind chutney. The next layer is a nice spicy green chile and coriander chutney that has onions, lime, garlic and salt added. We kept building! Atop that came chopped tomatoes and onions and then, the last layer of topping was sev. (pronounced: save) Sev is a crunchy noodle made with chick pea flour. When all was layered and built up, we mashed it all together and gobbled it down.

The second round was called Bhel Poori and that started with diced boiled potatoes, topped with onions, tomatoes, and the sweet and green chili chutneys from above. We added a layer of puffed rice, sev and poori, which is a chip made from whole wheat flour, rice flour and cream of wheat and then fried. The poori we crumbled up on top and then, again, mashed and mixed it all together.

Apparently, once the chutneys are made, one can modify the meals and tastes quite easily. Later in the day, we went to a new Indian market and I bought a few items to bring home. What was amazing was the number of chutneys one can purchase. And, any sauce is called a "chutney." Wish we had easy access to ethnic foods in Caseville.

We also stopped at Beall's Outlet of my favorite places for a quick stop and shop experience. Found a couple of tops and a Christmas gift.

When I got back to Shirley's house after dinner, I had an email from regarding a hotel reservation I made for the night between my DRC trip and this Florida trip. At one point, my travel plans butted up against each other and I would not have been able to get any rest after the lengthy DRC trip before heading to the airport in Flint to leave for Ft. Myers. So, I decided to stay in Saginaw, wake up and head to the Flint airport the next morning. Tickets were later changed which allowed me to go home, sleep, unpack, repack and head to Flint. Despite calling to cancel, the web folks don't believe I did this. This morning's email asked who I spoke with to cancel my booking. Hmmm...wrote down the date I did this and the number I called but didn't take the person's name. Another lesson learned.

Went for a nice warm walk yesterday morning. Great to be out in the sunshine and wonderful to be able to move comfortably. November 17 and out in shorts and t-shirt: HEAVEN!

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