Monday, October 26, 2015

Jekyll Island and Darien

Vacation was a riot. My niece, Shelli and her two sons, Jaxon and Mason came to visit as a surprise to her cousins, my daughters, Kristin and Heidi. At one point, we were 15 people in the house...a bit of a hassel but so much fun. We went to the beach and enjoyed the sunshine and each other. Here are Chris, Heidi and Mason, Shelli's son.
We plunked down on the beach and ended up sitting next to this musician. The guy played music and sang for hours and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to him. Asked him if we could take his photo when we left and thanked him for adding to the ambiance! He chuckled loudly.

We have the coolest huge tub in our master bedroom. It is mammoth and has jets that don't work but the soaking has been fun for all.This is Jaxon on the left...Shelli's youngest son and Layne, Kristin and Pat's daughter. They needed to take a bath...together. Quite fun.

Owen and Chase had a soak also but I don't have a photo of that...they are "big boys" now.

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