Saturday, October 12, 2013

A letter from one of my sons...a birthday present extraordinaire!

I am blessed with three adult children and six grandkids. In addition, I have several other "children" who call me, on the good days, either "mom or grandma." It has surprised me to no end how much I value and treasure these familial relationships. Blood is thicker than water.  The ties that bind strongest are those built out of love, compassion, helpfulness, shared bonds and shared successes. Possibly tied more tightly to our hearts are those failures/struggles/problems that we have encountered and then, end up sharing together. Hopefully, we grow stronger together and individually as a result of having weathered them with loved ones.

Today, I received the following birthday letter from a young man that I worked with very closely. He wasn't ready to work at my pace and with my fervor. I tried to counsel him, tried to train and retrain and then, one day, I terminated his employment. He was a special, bright young man and I struggled over severing our work relationship. I needed someone to pick up the slack and help us achieve our goals and so, I hired someone else.

When some are terminated, they blow the experience off as x's problem, not mine. I mentioned this person was bright. He talked with me about the termination. We discussed his plans, kept in touch and I assured him that I knew he had what it takes to be successful. He is doing very well...because he listened, he learned, he questioned and he grew. Not because of me, but because of him and his drive.

We have stayed in touch, and like several other people whose lives have touched mine in a special way...we have bridged the distances between us by communicating and caring.  Oh, and might I mention that like two other of my "sons" his first language is NOT English!

This son sent me the following on my 63rd birthday:

Dear Mom,

Almost seven years ago, a young man met one woman that gave him the opportunity to learn many lessons, during that process painful in some moments the bond, the respect and love allow us to grow up. Now the mother and the child are physically apart but joined with the joy and the hope to share more adventures and more lessons.

All that I want to say is that you are one of my favorites persons ever. A great mentor, an outstanding mom and a treasured friend.

Today many people celebrate your birthday. Today I am grateful with God for letting me know the marvelous person that you are.


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