Wednesday, February 13, 2013


There is so much going on these days that trying to portion out time and energy for each option is somewhat frustrating. Still continuing to write, substitute teach, work on some consulting projects and do the family/friend get togethers that we want to do. This "retirement" gig is often more difficult than what I experienced when I used to have, "a real job."

Something good about routines. Wake up, shower, get dressed, eat, hop in the car and go to work, attacking all of work's daily challenges. These days, serious decisions have to be made. Sure, wake up and shower have to happen. But really, do I have to get dressed if I am not going out? I can work in my house isn't like anyone can see me UNLESS work involves a Skype video call. And now that my friend, Lois showed me how to do a Facebook video call, I just may have to get back into the routine of: wake up, shower and get dressed.

And breakfast, IF it happened when I worked every day, had to happen quickly and in an order....before brushing my teeth, for example. Today, I can eat breakfast at 5:30 a.m. or 9 a.m. or anytime before or after that. NO problem!

Today's real difficulty begins after eating my yogurt and swilling several cups of the very strongest coffee I can make. Should I write? Should I draft a proposal for a potential client? Should I try to reconnect with some friend somewhere in this world? Or, should I just sit down and listen to country music, read a book or complete a few Sudoku puzzles? And there is always the tiny gym at Sand Point that I can visit. Conversation there is guaranteed to be interesting. Many of the year round folks in the area are former educators and avid book readers.

Keeping touch with family and friends takes time also. That, like many of these non-routine activities makes me smile. Seems I didn't do as well as I should have while working; yet, there are many friends made in the workplace that I am now out of touch with and that makes me sad. I just reconnected with a friend who lives in Atlanta and I found that she has had numerous health issues, including cancer. I missed that and missed holding her hand from afar and lending support. She was there when I went through my cancer. Had I only connected with her earlier, I maybe could have helped in some small way. Again, the time is here but it is somehow all about the use of that time, the priorities and the results we want out of these "golden years."

I rely on Facebook and email to keep in touch with folks. That just isn't as thorough or deep as a phone call or a visit. Hooks everyone together but with string....not a tight rope binding us closely together. And by "tight rope" I do not mean cinching us tightly...just that a personal visit and conversation helps cross barriers that the wrong word or the wrong phrase might create.

Time to get "to work" on a proposal and then, later today, I am driving to Harbor Beach to substitute for a Weight Watcher leader who is in the hospital. In between? Maybe a nap? There are advantages to this "retirement gig" after all!

This is one of those family moments I am so happy we had. This is my adult son, Alex, with Lisa here at our home. Lisa was having some boring moments; so bought some play doh type material at the local discount store and made Alex some decorations. There is more of a story and more photos coming shortly! Family time is special time!!

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