Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer 2011

Summer has flown by this year because we have been busy with family, friends, doggies, some work and much cooking, baking, canning and freezing of food items. Seems like every day is an adventure and I am enjoying the diversity a lot....diverse activities, nothing diverse about Caseville. This young lady and her pet, Samson the boa made my day. She and her buddy were sitting in our neighbor's yard, uninvited, I might add and she was just so happy to be able to show off her pet. Yup, boas can be dangerous but she pointed out, very maturely, that this is like a pet dog vs. a feral dog. Pets are friendly and so was her snake!

Luna, pictured below has had a traumatic summer after jumping off of Kristin and Pat's dune buggy and breaking her leg. She has now had five leg casts and still is facing another two months in a least.

She is taking this all in stride and the vet says is very agreeable about having the cast changed. Apparently, some dogs need to be put out for the process. Without exception, she is stylin!

We have had continuous company during the summer, with enough space in between to clean, launder, bake and enjoy the quiet. Our big event was Cheeseburger week...a Jimmy Buffet celebration which highlights his music and features a cheeseburger making competition, parade, dancing, and costumes. Photos coming. We had, at one point 20+people with us and we were fortunate to have both girls, their families and Alex, who was home from college in Alaska. Some of his buddies, from St. Pius X days were able to join in the festivities. Great to see these young men, growing into responsible young adults.

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