Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010...a new beginning

2010 blew in with record breaking cold weather. Left Michigan thinking we would finally warm up. Atlanta was freezing and onward we drove only to find Florida in a record breaking cold wave also. 10 days so far wearing two pair of socks, sweats and snuggling down in blankies. The dogs are not happy and we are weary of this climate...if we have to freeze, we should be up north with our family.

No travel on the horizon though I am ready to go whenever and wherever. Talking with Rwanda and hoping to go back soon to Colombia. I need to hear and use my Spanish.

My two aunts and uncle on my mother's side of the family live in Huntsville, Alabama and one aunt is hospitalized. What no work does, is allow me to drive up to Atlanta, pick up my sister, Sheryl and we will drive over to visit the older generation. They are all getting older and less sprightly...want to see them and can, so will.

Alex and Richard are working on putting items on Craig's List to sell. Downsizing makes sense and we are quickly getting drawings and bids from builders up north. We want to add on to our house up there so we can live on the lower level IF we need to and to provide more room for visitors.

Alabama photos photos also. Welcome to the new year and I pray that all I know will have a happy, healthy 2010!

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